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Asteriod Discovered 12/09/12 Fortells Doomsday 12/21/12?

Two Asteroid Earth Flybys this week. This week the buzz is about a newly discovered asteroid  about 100ft long narrowly missing the Earth. It whizzed by close. Half the distance of the Moon’s orbit. This coincides with another known close … Continue reading

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Ten Top Quotes from Zig Ziglar

Ten Top Quotes from Zig Ziglar… 10) “Remember that failure is an event, not a person.” 9) “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  8 ) “People often say … Continue reading

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Spot Mercury, Venus and Saturn!

Mercury, Venus, Saturn and a crescent moon   Mercury, Venus and Saturn I plan on waking early before dawn to look up in the eastern sky to see these three planets at once. I hope the  clouds will be gone. … Continue reading

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We Live in a Low Interest Rate Bizzaro World

The Lowest Interest Rate of Our Lifetime I was in the bank and their posted 10 yr CD (certificate of deposit) low interest rate was only  1.01% I can’t imagine anyone locking up their money for ten years for this … Continue reading

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The stars are out tonight.

Jupiter is very visible tonight. I looked to the east just after dark and low in the sky was the big bright light of Jupiter. Please experience the joy and self satisfaction of naked eye planet spotting. Teach your children … Continue reading

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Jupiter easy to see this month

I’m impatiently waiting for the sky to clear. Jupiter is in opposition or opposite of the Sun. As the Sun sets in the west Jupiter rises in the east and can be seen crossing the night sky until it sets in … Continue reading

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“An Amish Murder” will be a backdoor pilot

Darke County is excited to learn that Linda Castillo’s book “Sworn to Silence” is now a Lifetime Original Movie starring and produced by Neve Campbell. Lifetime renamed it “An Amish Murder.” Linda’s series of Amish murder thrillers have been best sellers and … Continue reading

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December Decisions

It’s time to look back on the year and reflect on what has changed and what has stayed the same. What was and what wasn’t accomplished. Have you been making progress wealth building or been singing with Tennessee Ernie Ford, … Continue reading

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